Critical HR tasks made easy.

Develop U is a competency-based record-keeping and evaluation tool designed specifically for Jiffy Lube franchises, from the same company that built JLU.


Redesigned from the ground up with the same manager-focused user experience.

Record Keeping

Keep a log of employee write-ups, recognitions, & miscellaneous notes with optional templates, certificates, & notifications.

JLU Integration

Create custom DTOGs and KPS items and share with specific Jobs inside JLU. Optionally publish within existing Roadmap or KPS categories.

Periodic Evaluations

Set a schedule that works for you and allow managers to perform recurring employee evaluations tied to specific roles.

Robust Reporting

Get succinct and useful data that will help you make decisions.

JLU Integration

Create custom DTOGs and KPS items and share with specific jobs inside JLU. Optionally publish within existing Roadmap or KPS categories.

Robust Reporting

Get succinct and useful data that will help you make informed and timely decisions.

Dynamic Dashboards

Easy, adaptive access to all managed employees whether responsible for one or multiple locations.

Enhanced Administration

Manage users, jobs, & settings with ease. Setup notifications for evaluations and corrective actions.
Powerful JLU Integrations

Publish franchise-specific DTOGs & KPS items to your employees in JLU.

Now you can seamlessly integrate your own corporate training material, policies, procedures, important communication, and more, with JLU curricula. Content will be presented to ONLY your employees.

Share with everyone, or choose specific jobs for specific content. Publish DTOGs and/or KPS items to an existing roadmap program/KPS category or your own franchise-named content area.

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A lot has changed! We have completely reengineered DevelopU to better align with the unique needs of the Jiffy franchise store. There are new integrations with “Jiffy Lube University (JLU)” that allow DevelopU users to see employee transcript data and publish their own KPS items and custom DTOG evaluations for only your employees to see inside of JLU. And we have introduced reporting features that calculate review scores and aggregates these scores for all employees at specific stores. It’s an entirely new app and we can’t wait for you to check it out!
The monthly cost is $8/store location. In terms of users and usage, there’s no limitations. You’ll only be charged based on the store count for your entity group. Each billing period is quarterly and the payments can be made via ACH or credit card. If you have a unique situation (i.e. you would like to subscribe for a select group of stores rather than all stores), please reach out to us and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.
Yes! Every new account gets a 30-day free trial following registration. And we are happy to demo the product and/or assist you with getting everything setup for your entity group. Please reach out to us and we will do our best to assist you.
The central feature-set within DevelopU concerns the capture of performance reviews for all store personnel at Jiffy store locations. Performance reviews provide an opportunity for managers to provide constructive feedback on an employee's strengths and areas for improvement. The performance review ensures all employees know what is expected of them in their role and what they can do to improve their skills and abilities in the future.

Absolutely! Regular performance reviews not only help to retain your best performers, expose your poor performers, and send a clear message to all store employees that how well they do their job matters to you. However, there are some less abstract benefits of utilizing DevelopU, too, including:

  • Documentation: Performance reviews and employee feedback (aka “Remarks”) completed in DevelopU create a record of an employee's performance over time. This documentation can be used to support decisions related to promotions, salary increases, or disciplinary actions. This can help to protect your entity group from legal liability and other negative outcomes.
  • Benchmarking: Performance reviews provide a means of benchmarking employee performance, allowing for comparisons to other stores and/or individual employees in similar job functions. DevelopU offers reporting capabilities that aid in benchmarking employee performance and/or store-level performance.
  • Better Customer Service: Poor employee performance can negatively impact customer service, but routine performance reviews can help address these issues and improve the overall customer experience and bolster sales.

Reduced Turnover: Performance reviews provide feedback and guidance to employees, ensuring they know what you expect from them and how they can be successful. Employees who receive earnest feedback have increased motivation, greater job satisfaction and a realistic gameplan for how to put themselves in the best position to get a promotion.

Jiffy Lube stores have extremely high average annual turnover rates. And best way to reduce employee turnover without increasing wages is to introduce a culture of accountability, one in which all employees know what is expected of them and what they need to do to improve in their current role and/or better position themselves for a future promotion. Companies that perform routine performance reviews see the following workplace improvements over time:

  • Increased Motivation: Performance reviews provide a platform to acknowledge and recognize an employee's achievements and contributions to the organization. This recognition can help boost employee morale and motivation.
  • Enhanced Career Planning: Performance reviews help employees set goals for themselves and their store. By discussing long-term goals and objectives, employees can gain a better understanding of what they need to do to achieve them.
  • Greater Job Satisfaction: Performance reviews help employees understand what is expected of them and how they can improve their performance. When employees see a clear path to success, they are more likely to feel satisfied with their job.

Develop U for You!

Your managers have to do this work anyway. Make it easier on them–and you! Use the tool designed specifically for Jiffy Lube Franchises.